Individual clients

“I loved the session on Saturday!!!  ….Anyway, I'm very excited and really enjoyed our last session!”
--Lauren P
career changer (December 2005)

“You’re a genius”
-- senior sales executive moving to sales consulting (December 2005)

“Thanks so much for tonight’s session on interviewing. You were brilliant!”
(December 2005)

"Never having been to a career counselor, I was delighted to have Bettina "on my side" after my employer merged my department out of existence. This isn't just career counseling – this is life-coaching with intelligence, common sense and tremendous empathy. Bettina knows when to simply listen, when to push, and exactly how to get you to do all of the homework she assigns."

--Kathy McCarthy
VP Morgan Stanley

"Bettina most effectively guided me where no one previously was able to, uncovering paying work doing what I love. And Bettina thinks outside the box. She is a mix of counselor, coach, and advocate, using whatever is needed to get results."

--Steve W.
President, NFP Inc.

"By guiding me to recognize my true strengths and objectives, Bettina Seidman enabled me to reorder my career and thereby gain greater professional success. In so doing, she also helped me also to achieve a more integrated and harmonious existence."


"Bettina understands absolutely everything about the career development process, from the most conceptual and big-picture issues of how to think about what you want to do and your relationship to the real world marketplace, to the most minute details that make a resume, cover letter or even a thank you note sing. She is knowledgeable, supportive, constructive, and even funny. Her assistance helped me navigate my way to a new position. Well worth the investment."

John C
Attorney and Executive Director

Business clients and Peers

"While I have been through many things during my life, my dear friend and one-time colleague has always been consistent, strong, intelligent and available
I have known Bettina since our early school days back in Brooklyn. I don't think that back then I would have thought that she would still be in my life all these years later.

Although we did not always stay in touch, when we did meet again it was as if we were never apart. Our work together at Michael Simon Associates proved to be very rewarding. And even now with my career in Real Estate, I'm still able to help network with her. In Career Counseling one needs to have compassion and understanding. Bettina Seidman has an abundance of both."

--Harvey Millstein, Broker
Ocean & Intracoastal Properties
Residential Waterfront Real Estate in Palm Beach County, Florida

"When I first talked to Bettina about the benefits I might expect from her, I interpreted the results to be very specific and refined to what I already know about myself. I hoped to increase the number of business opportunities I could take advantage of, and while I would surely benefit from self-development and coaching, I considered myself capable enough to be able to go from there. However, I failed to appreciate all the possibilities that her services offered.

I have come to realize that what I've gained from Bettina's services is a comprehensive method of communicating in business and personal situations. Through her method of assessment and demonstration through poignant discussions, I have learned, and continue to learn, how to adapt my personality of who I am to fit any situation. Now as a Sales Coach, Business Development Consultant and President of Squier Training & Consulting, I regard all that I learned from Bettina as one of the major factors for my success and the success of my clients."

--Gary R Squier
Squier Training & Consulting

"Through the years, I have referred at least two dozen women and men to Bettina Seidman, for Job Search guidance, for Career Management Coaching, and for coaching in professional growth topics.

The feedback has been 100% approbatory. The toughest trick in the business is for folks with powerful personalities, such as Bettina, to allow the client's personality to define the course. Bettina Seidman comprehended this early in her career and has become one of the most versatile career professionals I know.

She takes her profession very seriously and she takes authentic pride in her ability. She's wise on both counts."

--John Reiser
Formerly Senior Managing Director, EXECUTIVE SUITE COACHING

"Bettina Seidman brings to her work with groups and indivuals, three indispensable talents – compassion, humor, and vast knowledge of successful career transition. Participants in her programs have fun while learning, with someone who truly cares about their future."

--Marianne Anthe
Founder CareerForward

"It is a pleasure working with Bettina. She is knowledgeable, creative and conscientious. I have referred family, friends, and professional colleagues to her for career counseling."

--Barbara Adolf
President, Barbara Adolf Consulting Inc.

"Bettina gives excellent advice on important topics that our readers - chemical engineers - can put into practice. In one article she shares her top ten career management tips, and in another she offered a plan to help over-40 job-seekers make the most of the wisdom that comes with experience and age."

--Cynthia Mascone
Managing Editor Chemical Engineering Progress Magazine

Non Profit

"Having participated in a group presentation on career management with Bettina, I found her presentation skills to be superb and the information she shares to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. As a panel participant, I learned along with the rest of the group in a fun yet challenging manner. I recommend her highly."

--Gayle Brandel
President, Professionals for NonProfits

"Bettina's presentations are always lively and informative. She engages her audience in a two-way dialogue that helps put participants at ease. She's one of our most popular presenters."

--Employment Advisory Committee
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

"SEIDBET Associates offers a complete spectrum of individually tailored services designed to aid the new job seeker or career changer with his or her unique problems. I was impressed with the range of personality assessments, career and compatibility analyses, networking and interviewing skills, as well as negotiation strategies all provided along the process to help the uninitiated make critical but correct career decisions. SEIDBET Associates offers one-stop shopping with a career counselor who takes you from start to finish, and in the process develops a working knowledge of your idiosyncrasies and how they fit with your talents and career interests."

--David Pienkowski
Professor, University of Kentucky

I recently worked with Bettina Seidman to help me position myself for a career change after achieving executive level positions in a “natural” career path for which I had lost my passion. She helped me define myself away from the focus of my recent positions and back toward the direction I intended when I started the climb up the corporate ladder. Given the difficult market we are in, the fact that she is far more than a “resume doctor” is crucial to the value her service provides. Bettina helped me develop a complete marketing plan based on sound practice and creative application.

Her long experience in a variety of markets and positions provided valuable insights to the hiring process, professional development, marketing and research. She correctly anticipated the issues facing both prospective employers and myself and helped me devise strategies for dealing with them.

Bettina is skillful at assessing and identifying how to best utilize personal strengths while avoiding or balancing weaknesses in both the search process and in positioning candidates for likely success through performance. Her assessment tools and techniques help identify traits and characteristics that are independent of job descriptions and, therefore, help people identify better positions than a recruiter possibly could.

Her sense of humor and evenhanded nature are non-threatening yet assertive in pursuit of client success. She is a networking maven who practices what she preaches and leads by inspiration.

Bettina is a good facilitator and an excellent listener. Her creativity at uncovering strengths and marketable skills is exceptional. She is tactful and discreet when discussing sensitive matters – whether from a company perspective or those “personal feelings” that can encumber effective job search and negotiation.

I can easily foresee using SEIDBET Associates strategically on an ongoing basis to prepare for additional milestones as my career continues to expand in the new direction we have set.

--Jim Fell

"Working with Bettina on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type instrument was extremely helpful to me in my career and in my life."






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