Job and Career Transition

  • Assessment and Exploration
  • Decision and Execution of Plan

Assessment - to analyze and clarify career profile

  • Accomplishments (motivated skills)
  • Satisfyers & Dissatisfyers (interests)
  • Values Exercise (needs & priorities)
  • Myers-Briggs (personality type)
  • CISS (interest & skills inventory)

Identification of Career Options

  • In-depth discussion

Career Exploration

  • Explore options using techniques including
    library/Internet research and informational interviews


  • Transition or Clarification

Self Marketing

  • Researching industries and organizations
  • Networking
  • Writing targeted letters
  • Resume development
  • Practicing interview skills

Comparing and Negotiating Job Offers


Review of Current Job Environment
  • Clarification of goals and expectations
  • Development of strategies and tactics to achieve success in
    current job or career



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