Resume Development

  • A sales brochure for YOU

Organize your thinking and position yourself properly

You can think of your resume as an advertisement targeted towards a particular marketplace with you as the product.

A resume is your sales brochure - a short, professional account of your career and qualifications. It is important to your job search campaign because it helps you organize your thinking and it also helps you express yourself more effectively during interviews.

As one of your key sales tools, your resume should not only cover the main features of the product, you, but it should stress the benefits that will be derived from hiring you.

A properly prepared resume will provide you with a major advantage over the competition. Even if you are a highly qualified professional, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are an expert resume writer. Please remember that a resume is written for the reader. It is important that your resume is easy to look at and easy to read, and that the reader can easily understand what you have accomplished.

Your resume is a necessary part of your marketing program - it should indicate your major accomplishments and present your background briefly and concisely.

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