Marketing YOU

  • Develop and hone your job search skills

SEIDBET Associates can help you develop an effective marketing plan to change careers or find a new job

There are 4 major Job Search Techniques and we can assist you in developing and honing your job search skills and successfully utilize each technique.

We can help you develop and execute a successful networking plan, including a 2-minute pitch, the foundation of the networking process.

We can work with you on identifying target industries and target companies of interest to you. Then we can assist you in writing a very creative broadcast letter to capture the attention of the decisionmakers in those organizations.

Search Firms
Developing the right approach is what it takes to get the attention of search firms. Remember, you are not the client when you work with a search firm - the corporation is always the client because the corporation always pays the bill.

Websites and Print Ads
This is one of the lowest-yielding methods of finding a new job. However, there is a way to cut through most of the competition. We will help you compose the kinds of resumes and letters designed to respond to the specific job qualifications and capture the attention of the company


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