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New! Tuesday, March 11.

Join exciting new StrategicNet Seminar Series presented by SEIDBET Associates.

A forum for executives, managers, and senior professionals to raise their career profiles and broaden their networks by focusing on career resiliency, management issues, and business solutions. Lifelong learners - this is for you.

Monthly meetings at 333 Seventh Avenue, 14th floor.
6:30-8:30 PM.

Initial registration fee $45.00 in advance or $60.00 at the door. Send check to SEIDBET Associates, PO Box 147 - Madison Square Station, NY 10159. For more info and 2003 dates, contact Bettina Seidman at seidbet@aol.com or 212.260.2026. StrategicNet: Changing Times Demand New Solutions.



A Business Discussion Series Presented by:
Bettina Seidman, SEIDBET Associates
Jim Fell, JB Fell Consulting


A series of monthly seminars designed to provide a forum for executives, managers, and senior professionals to raise their career profiles and broaden their networks by:

  • Maximizing Career ROI (return on investment) and Increasing Career Resiliency
  • Staying Abreast of Current Business and Leadership Issues
  • Improving the Two-Minute Pitch Presentation
  • Identifying and Analyzing Personal Goals and Gaps
  • Honing Networking Skills and Broadening a Professional Network


  • Changing Times Demand New Solutions. As a group, we will discuss a variety of issues and techniques to help improve career resiliency, deal with the changing economic landscape, and develop solutions to business problems.

Program Modules

  • Two-Minute Pitch (2MP) - Development and sharpening of brief statement highlighting your strengths and accomplishments that can be adapted to a variety of self-marketing opportunities. Participants will be offered guidance on creating/improving the two-minute pitch, and will have opportunities to deliver their pitch and to receive feedback on their presentations. Longer and shorter forms of the pitch will evolve.
  • Leadership Development (LD) - Discussion around books, articles, cases, real business issues. Find out what your peers think about a variety of current and timeless business issues, analyze them for yourself, and practice expressing your views in a group context.
  • Career Resiliency Discussion (CR) - Developing career resiliency includes raising your profile on your job and in your industry in order to enhance success, as well as being prepared to leave your job (voluntarily or involuntarily). Discussions will center around improving business communication, political, and negotiation skills as well as deepening self awareness.
  • Practical Problem Solving Exercises (PPS) - Focusing on analyzing and solving real and hypothetical issues faced by participants in their professional lives. These resource-sharing sessions will enable members to bring people/political/management/job-search issues to the group for discussion and coaching.
  • Analysis of Goals & Gaps (GG) - Every professional should set specific medium and long-term goals, periodically take stock of the status of their goals, identify any relevant gaps, and create a plan to fill the gaps and develop plans to overcome any obstacles and attain the goals. This analysis exercise will help keep you focused and on track.
  • Networking Activities (NW) - Icebreaker exercises, role-playing, and other networking opportunities including a variety of virtual scenarios (e.g., seminars and workshops, conference luncheons, company parties, job interview, elevator encounters)

For further information, contact Bettina Seidman at seidbet@aol.com
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